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Capoeira Image

Capoeira is a martial art form that originated in the sixteenth century among slaves brought to Bahia, Brazil from Africa. Capoeira's lethal power was hidden from slave masters by it's dance-like elegance, amazing acrobatics and rhythmic sounds of African instruments and song.

Capoeira, a cultural manifestation grew out of the oppression and necessity of African slaves. For these slaves capoeira was a means of survival, a route to freedom, and an affirmation of their strengths and self-worth. In Brazil, Capoeira was banned for 400 years and practiced in secret until MESTRE BIMBA orginized the "FIGHT" into an art formed by establishing the first capoeira academy in 1932, in Salvador, Bahia.

By 1937, Capoeira was recognized as a national folkloric art by the Brazilian Government. It is now taught to all ages, male and female, inside and outside of Brazil. Capoeira is a testimony to the indomitable spirit and ingenuity of it's founder and a unique expression of Brazilian Culture.